Awards for 2019 are being confirmed, please check back later


These were the awards given in 2018

1. Visionary Award

Cash Prize of $200 offered by PIVOT the art of fashion.

2. Crossroads Fabrics South County Sewing Award

$100 awarded to a student from South County whose outfit demonstrates advanced sewing skills.

3.  ARRT  (Artists Respond and Resist Together ) Social Justice Prize

$100 cash prize for an outfit high lighting a current social justice issue.

Applicants for this award must submit a short essay on the issue they are representing and how they applied that issue to their design. Essay due April 10th,

4. Goodwill Award Design Award for a design that starts on the Goodwill Floor and is repurposed into one of the students great designs!

The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to one of the Local Goodwill Stores.

5.  Jill Alexander  $200 cash award

Jill is looking for originality, use of materials, and construction methods.

Nothing has to be perfect, mostly want to see problem solving skills and courage.

6. Accessories

$100 from Ruby Roxanne Designs Local Celebrity Designer for best use of accessories.

7. Earth Day Fashion Showcase

20 Outfits will be invited to participate in the Earth Day Santa Cruz Fashion Showcase (Saturday April 21st).  To be considered, your fashion must contain recycled materials or have an earth or nature theme.  Questions, contact Mary Simmons:

8. Marina DeBris Award

$100 cash award for a design the exemplifies the values of contemporary artist Marina DeBris. Student will need to submit an essay by April 10th explaining the connection between their outfit and the values set forth by Ms.  Debris to qualify.

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