Dress Rehearsal 

All models will be required to attend Dress Rehearsal at 4:00 p.m. on Friday the 12th of April. This might be hard for some of you who live in South County to get there on time, if this this the case for you and you are worried you will be late you need to contact us ahead of time, and keep you contact person’s phone number with you in case you get stuck in traffic and need to call us the day of the event. (You will get a contact phone number once you have been accepted to the show.)

Sewing Assistance

Three local business are offering free or reduced cost classes or assistance to interested teens.

  • Cosmo Chic Owner Sonia Le will be offering one free lesson and discounted studio time for drop in help for fashionTEENS participants! She’s at the Tannery:             408-332-9524
  • Harts Fabrics is offering classes. Please contact them at 423-5434.
  • Crossroad Fabrics is offering classes. Please contact 761-1097.

Designer Mentors: We have several professional fashion designers eager to take on one or two students to personally mentor.  Please send us an email request for a FREE mentor and include mentor in the subject line of your email.

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